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Ultra -modern Teaching Methods
  • Computer – aided teaching through smart classrooms .
  • Focus on understanding and concept through student projects and presentations.
  • Learning by doing through activities, laboratories, projects & field exposure.
  • Highly qualified & trained teachers.

Individual Attention & Personal Care
  • Student mentors prepare charts or the progress of every child. 
  • In-depth assessment of a student's performance as well as personality growth is       done periodically.
  • Expert panel of Child Psychologists undertake regular student counseling sessions.

Parents as Partners in their child's Development
  • Conferences and seminars for positive parenting are conducted 
  • Parent Teacher online Interaction System allows every Parent to stay in touch with their child's teachers & mentors .

Student Projects & Presentations
  • Form a part of the assessment. Focus is laid on concepts and their understanding rather than rote learning.

Learning by Doing
  • Through activities, laboratories, projects & field exposure. 

Frequent Assessments
  • Students' understanding and retention are tested through skill based worksheets given at the end of every topic. Students’ performance is analyzed by the Teacher Mentors as well as their Class Teachers. Reports are available online through the Online Parent Teacher Interaction System.